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Michael Gilpin, President

As a Southeastern Kentucky native and resident, and the son of a minister, Michael graduated from London High School in 1965, then attended the US Air Force Academy as well as Eastern Kentucky University. Mike earned his bachelor's degree in Mathematics from EKU and translates that enhanced ability for precision and problem solving into the construction site.

Beginning with small scale projects in 1969, Mike solely pioneered his vision of owning/operating a general contracting firm in 1971. At age 22 he went into residential construction full time. Four years later, at age 26, he laid out and placed the foundations for a 10,000 square foot elliptical church construction with 12 laminated wood arches extending 72 feet above the floor. Since then, Mike has continued to push his abilities and has become a leading contractor in Southeastern Kentucky, managing a wide variety of projects. He is highly respected for his precision, consistency, and high standards.

Staff Photo

Dane Gilpin, Vice-President

Dane Gilpin, eldest of Mike's 5 sons, began working construction with his father as a very youn man in high school. Continuing to work for Gilpin Construction Co. through college, Dane set his sights on expanding the tradition and business his father began. Completing a bachelor's degree in Construction Technology at EKU in 1992, he immediatley moved into project management first with a large commercial contractor in order to diversify his experience. Then, in 1995, Dane rejoined Mike at Gilpin Construction Co. He is a tremendous asset to the success and reputation of Gilpin Construction Co. and he practices meticulous project management skills, a fine-tuned estimating knowledge, and rigid quality control.

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